What we do

At Leverage Homes, we ensure our projects are sustainable through the repurposing of existing properties. We find unloved, rundown properties in need of some TLC (tender loving care). We acquire these properties, complete the conversions, then refurbish them to a very high standard, whilst keeping them affordable, so we can rent them to local professionals – this is very important to us.
At Leverage Homes we start with the end in mind so our co-living design allows us to maximise rental capacity and hence return on investment, without compromise to living space.
We work with interior designers to create eye-catching functional interiors that ooze appeal and comfort.
Our co-living designed properties appeal to young professionals who choose to live or work locally and enjoy high-end, affordable living in a shared environment.

Property Investment Opportunities

At Leverage Homes we manage the funding of our projects in-house. We like to work with investors who have an appetite for property related investments. To fund our projects we use short-term finance, private finance or private equity. Loans are secured against an asset and we look for projects that pay a good rate of return to our investors. In this way we like to make creating affordable high-end living for local professionals rewarding and enjoyable.
Liz Kalu, Property Investor | LinkedIn